Introducing Dewey’s MatchSticks 6-Packs: Meet your Match with Hash-infused Prerolls

MatchSticks were Dewey’s first launch of an infused preroll into the market back in May of 2022. As an homage to our wonderfully terpy flower, we decided that a beautiful live bubble hash was the best pairing for our first infused joint line. The original 2 packs don’t just come with a catchy name, but also a back up plan for all of us forgetful stoners who constantly forget a lighter. The original 2 pack of 0.5g hash infused joints also come with 2 matches inside the tube and a circular striker pad on the bottom of the tube to light them. With so much popularity behind the original 2 packs, we knew we had to indulge our fans with an even bigger pack fit for a longer weekend.

Housed in the classic Dewey crush resistant box just like our Dewbie 10 packs, the Matchsticks packs not only offer more hashy goodness, but also more attempts at  lighting your joints. Instead of matches and a striker pad like the 2 packs, the new 6 packs come with a custom designed MatchBook inside every pack. MatchSticks are made with a potent blend of 70% flower and 30% live bubble hash all from the same strain, allowing customers to fully explore the diverse flavor profiles Dewey’s cultivars have to offer. Find our Hash Infused Preroll Packs at Dewey authorized retailers across Washington. Let’s dive deeper into the rise of Prerolls and why MatchSticks are the hot new option for all types of cannabis customers.


The Rise of Cannabis Prerolls

Cannabis prerolls have been gaining significant traction in recent years, captivating both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of cannabis consumption. As society becomes more accepting and appreciative of the herb’s versatile properties, prerolls have emerged as a popular choice for both people who can’t roll their own joints and even those that can. Let’s dive  into the reasons behind this growing popularity and explore the advantages that prerolls offer over other consumption methods.

Advantages of choosing pre rolls over other consumption methods

One of the primary reasons behind the surge in popularity of cannabis pre rolls is their convenience. Prerolls eliminate the need for tedious preparation or the use of carrying around a grinder and wraps, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free cannabis experience. With prerolls, all the necessary components are expertly rolled into a compact form, ready to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice. Dewey first created their Dewbie Packs with this very convenience in mind, packing 10 prerolls into a crush-resistant box that could easily fit in a  pocket or purse.

Prerolls can provide consistent dosing, ensuring a reliable and controlled cannabis experience. Each of Dewey’s MatchSticks prerolls are carefully crafted to contain a precise amount of cannabis, 0.5g each, allowing users to gauge their consumption accurately.

MatchSticks Pack

The Art of Infusion

To truly appreciate the allure of Dewey Cannabis Co.  MatchSticks, it’s essential to explore the intricate process of infusing hash into prerolls. Infusion involves the meticulous incorporation of high-quality hash into milled cannabis flower before the rolling process, resulting in an exceptional product that boasts enhanced potency and flavor.

Infusion elevates the overall cannabis experience by enriching flavor profiles and intensifying user effects. MatchSticks combines premium cannabis flower and expertly crafted hash from the same strain, resulting in a flavorful blend. 

From sativa-dominant strains like Space Fuel or Flora d’Explora that offer an energizing and uplifting experience to indica-dominant blends like Caribbean Chocolate or Purple Mango that promote relaxation and tranquility, Dewey Cannabis Co.  MatchSticks offers  the full spectrum of desired effects.  The availability of both traditional and infused prerolls  (Dewbies or MatchSticks) allows customers to choose the perfect potency that aligns with their personal preferences.

What’s in a pack?

MatchSticks packs provide unparalleled convenience. Packaged in a sleek and portable design, making them ideal for on-the-go enjoyment. Whether it’s a casual gathering with friends or a serene solo session, Dewey Cannabis Co.  MatchSticks are the perfect companion for any occasion. Take your MatchSticks pack to a party and share with friends, or keep them all to yourself.

Why a 6 pack?

You may be asking yourself why Dewey’s MatchSticks packs only come with 6 infused prerolls, in contrast to the Dewbie packs which comes with 10 prerolls. Due to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board regulations on cannabis concentrates (i.e. hash containing products) 6 MatchSticks became our magic number Rest assured, the potency of these infused prerolls makes up for the lesser quantity, and to sweeten the deal, Dewey includes a custom matchbook with every pack, in case you forget your lighter, or just don’t feel like picking one up!

Where to Find Dewey Cannabis Co. MatchSticks?

Dewey Cannabis Co. MatchSticks can be found through Dewey authorized retailers across Washington State. We recommend checking out a shop’s online menu before visiting to ensure product availability. We can promise you they’ll be tasty and potent, but we can’t promise you that they won’t sell out fast!

Dewey Cannabis Co.  MatchSticks have emerged as a formidable presence in the world of cannabis pre rolls. Their rising popularity can be attributed to the numerous advantages they offer over other consumption methods, including convenience, consistent dosing, and an enhanced cannabis experience through infusion. With an extensive range of flavor profiles, Dewey Cannabis Co.  MatchSticks invite users on a true cannassuer experience, exploring a variety  of effects and flavors the cannabis plant has to offer. Quality, convenience, and consistency are guaranteed in every pack, ensuring a premium experience for everyone (21+).

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