The Best Dewey Strains for Summer in the PNW

It’s time for another sunny and adventurous summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to explore the best cannabis strains to elevate your PNW summer experience. Dewey Cannabis Co. has new cultivars in mind to help you elevate your summer in Washington and beyond. In this article, we’ll introduce you to three strains from Dewey Cannabis Co.: Flora d’Explora, Happy Trails, and Caribbean Chocolate. Get ready for a playful and unforgettable journey through the best strains that will add a touch of magic to your PNW summer adventures.

An outdoor forest background set in the Pacific Northwest, with a girl holding a jar in the foreground. The jar reads "Dewey Cannabis, Flora d'Explora. Sativa. Small buds 7g" The girl is wearing a flannel and workout gear

Flora d'Explora - Pack the Granola Bars, We’re Going on a Hike!

When it comes to sativa strains that perfectly complement your PNW summer adventures, Flora d’Explora takes the crown. She may be a sister phenotype of the legendary Trainwreck, but Flora brings her unique personality to the table. With true sativa effects, she’s the ideal companion for your next outdoor escapade.

Named for the energetic and creative high she delivers, Flora d’ Explora will ignite your senses and keep you energized throughout your explorations. Whether you’re embarking on a hike through lush Washington trails or spending a day at a breathtaking coastal beach, Flora’s gradual, uplifting, and energizing effects will keep you motivated and engaged. The aroma of Flora d’Explora is a delightful fusion of gas, citrus, and cheese. Crack open a jar and her wonderful aroma will fill a room. She’s about as smelly as you will be when you get back from your hike.

With a THC range of 18-23%, Flora offers a balanced potency that allows you to experience the PNW’s beauty with a gentle uplift. She’s the perfect strain to stash  in your backpack before heading out on your next adventure. So, gather your hiking buddies and make sure they bring their own stash of Flora too (she has a strict no swiping policy).

Check out this budtender review on Flora d’Explora from White Rabbit Cannabis Dispensary to learn more.

Happy Trails - Sunshine in a Strain

Ah, the gray days of winter in the Pacific Northwest can make it challenging to maintain those summertime smiles. But fear not,  Happy Trails is here to brighten your spirits and infuse your summer with sunshine.

Two jars with bright labels are pictured in the foreground. They are sitting on a ledge, and show a river and a forest behind the jars in the background, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The jars are labeled from left to right: "Flora d'Explora, Happy Trails"

Considered a potent and immediate hitting sativa strain, Happy Trails is beloved for its ability to induce smiles and giggles from the very first puff. When you crack open a jar of Happy Trails and catch a whiff of its sweet, citrusy aroma, you’ll feel your smile growing wider.

As you explore the PNW’s gorgeous landscapes with friends , Happy Trails helps to uplift your mood and engage your creative side. Its effects are perfect for embracing the vibrant energy of summer in the PNW.

The aroma of Happy Trails combines enticing notes of citrus, pine, and skunk, creating an olfactory experience that enhances the overall delight of this strain.With a THC range of 21-26%, Happy Trails ensures a potent and uplifting experience, making it an ideal companion for summer days filled with outdoor activities, laughter, and good vibes. So, grab a jar of Happy Trails from Dewey Cannabis Co. and let the sun-filled days of the PNW become even brighter with every inhale.

Caribbean Chocolate - A Tropical Vacation for your Mind

Sometimes, amidst the adventures and excitement of summer, we all need a moment to kick back, relax, and savor the moments of bliss. Enter Caribbean Chocolate, a strain that will transport you into tranquility.

With a mouth watering chocolate flavor, Caribbean Chocolate delivers a euphoric experience that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and content. Indulge in its soothing embrace, and allow  the stresses of the day to melt away as you enjoy the simple pleasures of the PNW summer. Enjoy puffing on Caribbean Chocolate in a hammock while out camping, or under the shade after a picnic. While some Indicas can induce the snooze, Caribbean Chocolate’s effects are perfect  for unwinding while still in a social setting.

Take a Puff of Caribbean Chocolate and experience a citrusy floral flavor on the inhale, then savor every last bit of the sweet chocolatey flavor that coats your mouth on the exhale. Just like biting into a delectable chocolate bar, each puff of Caribbean Chocolate is a moment of indulgence.

With a THC range of 18-23%, Caribbean Chocolate provides a relaxing and mellow experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the tranquility of the PNW summer. So, grab a jar of this blissful strain from Dewey Cannabis Co. and let Caribbean Chocolate become your go-to choice for those moments of pure relaxation.

Strains for the Summertime

Cannabis has always been used as a tool to elevate the experiences of the things you love to do. Take it a step further with Dewey’s cannaseur grade cultivars and elevate your summer adventures to new heights. We’re talking like Mt. Rainier Mt. Baker like heights.

As you embark on your summer adventures in the picturesque PNW, Dewey Cannabis Co. offers a selection of strains that perfectly capture the essence of the season. From the energetic and creative Flora d’Explora to the sunshine-infused Happy Trails and the blissful relaxation of Caribbean Chocolate, Dewey Cannabis Co. has curated strains that cater to every aspect of your summer experience.

Try any of these strains in any one of our wonderful product lines from our Live Resin Vapes to our Infused joints. We don’t just have the strains to match your summer vibe, but the right kind of products to enjoy them in as well. Try them out in our New MatchStick 6 packs and decide for yourself!

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